Our School

Smart Vision School is an innovative and creative school: we aim to be a centre of excellence that completes with the best in Dubai.

Smart Vision School uniquely offers:

  • the National Curriculum of England
  • understanding of Islamic Values and UAE Customs and Traditions
  • development of Social Responsibility

The National Curriculum of England challenges and prepares SVS students of all nationalities to be global leaders. Our students develop the skills and competencies essential for success, emphasising innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in the creative environment of the UAE. We expect only the best habits, behaviours and social principles, such as respect for elders and parents, truthfulness, honesty, good manners and modesty.

Smart Vision School is one of the first Dubai Municipality approved Eco-Friendly Schools in Dubai. The school is purpose-built employing high-quality international standard fixtures and fittings. The building is temperature controlled and utilises a fresh air recovery system regulating the quality of air in each classroom.