Admission Test

Smart Vision School do the best to match learning activities to the needs of individual learners and groups with differing abilities or aptitudes. Our tasks, activities, and resources provide appropriate support and challenge to enable all learners to maximize their progress. Our courses and programs meet the varying needs of learners. The pace of learning is appropriate for individuals.

In order to provide each student with needed support and identify strength and weaknesses of each child, it is obligatory requirements for all new students to take Admission Test to ensure that the children are rightly placed & supported for the high quality education.

Admission Test is conducted in written form for students of years 1-13. It contains 3 modules: English, Math, and Science and takes around 1-1.5 hours.

Admission Test for EYFS is conducted in interactive way. The teacher enrols a child in different activities and assesses him/her based on seven areas of learning:

1. Communication and Language

2. Physical development      

 3. Personal, social and emotional development      

4. Literacy 

5. Mathematics          

6. Understanding the world    

7. Expressive arts and design.