Assertive Discipline

Assertive discipline is a structured, systematic approach designed to assist teachers organise and manage their learning environment by positively influencing students' behaviour.

Student compliance is imperative in creating and maintaining an effective and efficient learning environment. To accomplish this goal, teachers must be assertive and 'Accentuate the Positive' behaviours of students, rather than react to disruptive conduct in a critical way.

Assertive teachers react confidently and quickly in situations that require the management of student behaviour. They are supported by a few clearly understood classroom rules that have been explained, practiced and consitently applied. They give firm, clear, concise directions to students who are in need of outside guidance to help them behave appropriately. Students who comply with the high standards expected receive rewrads, whereas those who disobey rules and directions experience the agreed consequences.

Assertive teachers operate in the best interests of students, believing that students wish to have the personal and psychological safety experienced when their teacher is highly competent in directing behaviour. Society demands appropriate behaviour if individuals are to be accepted and successful. Therefore, no one benefits when a student is allowed to misbehave. Additionally, teachers have the right to request and expect assistance from parents in their efforts to modify student's behaviour. Assertive discipline provides strategies for gaining this support and working together.

Assertive teachers build positive, trusting relationships with their students and teach appropriate classroom behaviour by direct instruction...describing, modelling, practicing, reviewing, encouraging and rewarding. They are demanding and positive in their interaction; supporting their students; and respectful in tone and mannerisms when addressing misbehaviour. Assertive teachers listen carefully to what their students have to say, speak politely to them, and treat everyone fairly.