Parents/ Teachers Association

Smart Vision School’s approach to parental involvement is planned and purposeful and leads to productive two-way partnerships with individuals and representative groups of parents in children’s learning and the life of our school. Our school is a welcoming school. We actively encourage parents to participate in their children’s care and education, particularly those who are reluctant to be involved or face barriers to involvement. We support parents well in understanding and taking an active part in discussions about their children’s progress and ways of working together on their next steps in learning. As far as possible, we meet parents at times which are most convenient for them. We have effective mechanisms for communicating and consulting with parents and learners on the quality of education and the way our school is run, making good use of face-to-face contacts, newsletters, e-mail, websites and telephone calls.

We have clear complaints procedures and parents understand how to use them.

They receive feedback, and when their suggestions are not taken on board they are given explanations. We have effective arrangements for meeting the varying needs of parents, for example, those who need interpreting or translation services or have restricted mobility, visual or auditory impairments.

 We welcome parents being proactive in raising issues and engaging in school improvement beyond the needs of their own children. In order to make the interaction between parents and teachers tighter we created PTA (Parents/Teachers Association)

The purpose of Smart Vision School PTA is to:


§  create a sense of community and encourage volunteerism

§  reinforce British education system by supporting effective learning and student development

§  be an advocate for parents and students


How does the PTA Work?
The PTA only works through the involvement of parent volunteers. Parents are regularly needed for class activities and other school functions. Volunteers are also needed for PTA sub-committees and special events. Class Parents are one of the most important links between the PTA and the parent community. They are a critical asset to the teacher, the classroom, and the school.

The PTA holds a General Meeting on a regular basis. It is here that upcoming events are coordinated and where ideas and suggestions may be proposed. The meeting is open to all parents.

If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, please, notify administration in order to put you in list of parents committee.