SEN Support

Once a child has been identified as having special educational needs a step by step approach is adopted involving the stages below. The views of parents and students are always the sought during the planning and review of provision.

Smart Vision School follow established UK practice of a staged approach:

  1. School Action:

When a student has SEN identified at school action, subject teachers are responsible for following advice from the SENCO and devising interventions to meet that student’s needs in the classroom.

  1. School Action Plus:

If in spite of support and intervention at school action a student makes insufficient progress the school may decide it is appropriate for the student to move to school action plus. In this case the SENCO and subject teachers, in consultation with parents and the student will ask for help from external services.

Each SEN student is provided with Student Support Plan which sets targets for the students and details short term targets set for the student, the teaching strategies to be used, the nature and frequency of any special provision to be put in place, how parents can help at home, when the plan is to be reviewed, and success criteria.

Students supported may include those with moderate or specific learning difficulties, behavioural or emotional difficulties, or physical difficulties.

In some cases, the student can be recommended to have a shadow teacher, who can be provided by school or hired by parents from outside.